Supplier evaluation and qualification

Getting to know new supplier prior to place first order might be a difficult task for your company due to a variety of reasons, your procurement team is loaded with existing tasks or they don’t have enough expertise for the right assessment, language barriers or inability to travel locally and abroad for site visits.

We provide you a full service of suppliers evaluation and qualification process which will cover following steps:

  • supplier evaluation, a desk assessment of supplier documentation in order to confirm their financial and legal status, availability of licenses and accreditations, references and other documents provided by supplier.  Short site survey visit might be included if supplier capabilities needs to be assessed.
  • technical audit, performed at supplier site to assess their QHSE management system, equipment/tools and technology availability, personnel qualifications, capacity and current workload.
  • first piece qualification (FPQ) or pilot lot qualification (PLQ) is a process of supplier design confirmation based on the inspection during production of first ordered product (FPQ) or first lot (PLQ). Typically a special Quality control plan is agreed with supplier and client which will have an extra checkpoints to confirm the quality and repeatability of production process.

As a result of above steps supplier might be included in client Approved vendor list (AVL) and qualified for future tenders/projects.